New topic

Soon I will make a new topic. This will contain tircks to teach your dog and things about dog teaching. I will try to give you good advices. I hope that you will like this hobby as I do!

English translation

I’m glad to say, that now you can read this blog in English! But, it’s not the final state, the translation is under work. There are smaller mistakes, but I try to correct them as soon as possible!

I say, if it must!

If i’m not available for a longer period I will say in advance! I hope it won’t be a problem to anyone if I spend more time than I said! In the near future I don’t think it would be, but if it does i will say it!

Comments! :)

If you have opinion calmly write it to the comments, you can ask or give me ideas. If you use obscene words i’ll wipe out the comment! I read the comments and messages in a week, if I don’t do this please notify me!