Kerry Blue Terrier

They come from Irish. They have got drawn and straight head with strong mandible. They have got tipped ears and these are v-shapen. Their tail is set high and and held up. Their height is 40-50 cm. They are exterminate pests.

Jack Russel Terrier

They are come from Great-Britain. They have got strong neck. They usually have cocktail. They usually have got a white band in the forehead. Their height is 20-29 cm. They hunt rodents and foxes.

Amercan Stafforshire Terrier

They are from The USA. They have got wide head and vigorous masticatory musle. They have got smooth and short hair. We can see them in lots of hair colour. Their height is 40-50 cm. They bred them for fighting dogs.


They are usually from Great-Britain or The USA. Most of them have small body. They dig rodents from the dirt, but sometimes they catch the foxes too. They have got insistent nature so, many people choose them.