Anatolian Shepherd Dog

They are from Turkish, they can tend the detached-houses and hold togetherd the mobs. They don’t feel well in the citys (terraced houses). Their height is 68-81 cm and their weight is 40-64 kg. They have got short or medium lenght topcoat and dense undercoat, all of the hair color is allowed. They live 12-14 […]

Border Collie

They are from Great-Britain. They are very clever and smart dogs. They can run down easily the escaping animals whit their muscular limbs. Their hair is two-ply, medium lenght, it’s usually black and white or brown or blue merle colored. They have got very big movement demands. They don’t feel good in the big citys. […]


They are come from Hungary. This breed’s turnout is so special. Somebody bred them out from the puli. Their tail is curly and set high, their ears are look forward and decumbent. Their height is 33-44 cm. Their pelage is medium lenght and mildly ringlety, it can be gray, black, white or ruddy colored. This dog […]

Sheperd dogs

It’s a really old group of the dog breeds. They used them for hold together the mobs. They usually hold together the herds of cattle, the mobs and the herds of deer. The good sheperd dogs are keep their eyes on the staff, divert back the lost animals to the herd whitout hit or hurt […]